Beginners Course
various dates
Pottery Class

This 3 session course will get you started. Each session lasts up to 2.5 hours and we will discover a range of hand building techniques, such as pinching, coiling, small sculpture and slab building.  

We dedicate 2 sessions to making and once your pieces are bisque fired, you return to glazing and surface decoration  in week 3. 

- small friendly group of 4 to 5

- adult learners only

£90 including materials and firing.

All payments in advance and payable to Nadine Blakemore.

£30 deposit payable to book

Please note, that this is not a wheel throwing class. 


September Class:

Thursday,08/09/22 @ 19:30 

Thursday, 15/09/22 @ 19:30

Thursday, 29/09/22 @ 19:30

January Class 2023:

Thursday,05/01/23 @ 19:30 

Thursday, 12/01/23 @ 19:30

Thursday, 26/01/23 @ 19:30

Fully Booked

November Class:

Thursday,03/11/22 @ 19:30 

Thursday, 10/11/22 @ 19:30

Thursday, 24/11/22 @ 19:30

Fully Booked
Fully Booked

October Class:

Thursday,22/09/22 @ 19:30 

Thursday, 06/10/22 @ 19:30

Thursday, 20/10/22 @ 19:30

December Class:

Thursday, 17/11/22 @ 19:30 

Thursday, 01/12/22 @ 19:30

Thursday, 15/12/22 @ 19:30

February Class 2023:

Thursday, 02/02/23 @ 19:30 

Thursday, 09/02/23 @ 19:30

Thursday, 23/02/23 @ 19:30


Mixed Ability Classes - during term time


10:00 am - 12:30am

7:30pm - 10pm


10:00 am - 12:30am

Shaping Clay

My friendly classes are held every Tuesday AM and PM and Thursday AM for up to 5  adults with some background knowledge or students who have taken the beginners class.  

You are free to explore and discover all hand building techniques, clays and glazes available and I will guide you through as best as I can. 

I offer various stoneware clays including smooth and textured, as well as white and black clays. To decorate your work, you can explore commercial brush on glazes, our own brush on and various dipping glazes.

The studio is equipped with a number of tools and brushes but I do encourage you to bring your own, especially if you find the one bestie tool that you do not want to be without.

I have 1 Shimpo throwing wheel and you are welcome to use it, if you have some previous knowledge of throwing on the wheel. 

Autumn Term 2022

1st half term: £175 (7 classes, starting 06/09/22)

Half Term break from 24th October to 28th October 2022

2nd half term 22: £175 (7 classes, starting 01/11/22)

Spring Term 2023

1st half term: £150 (6 classes, starting 03/01/23)

Half Term break from 13th February to 17th February 2023

2nd half term 22: £150 (6 classes, starting 21/02/23)


Special events

Man in Clay Workshop

Want to celebrate your birthday a bit different this year? Or a you planning a work do? I am here to help!


Workshops normally last up to 2.5 hours with a break in between. We will discover one specific topic and have time to explore a little more.

Topics could include:

- Making a mug from a slab of clay

- Making plates and platter using moulds and former

- Making a windchime

- Making flowers for the garden

- Making and using sprigs

- Exploring surface patterns with leaves, lace or  stamps

- Nerikomi

- Small sculpture

The possibilities are endless! 

Gift Vouchers

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Terms and Conditions

Payment and Deposits:

  • A deposit of £30 is required to secure your place.

  • Full payment is required in advance of the course, payable to Nadine Blakemore.

  • Courses include all materials, clay and glazes and we provide a range of tools and brushes.

  • Firing costs are extra and depend on the size of your piece.

Firings and Costs:

  • Problems with firings are part of ceramics and can be due to a variety of reasons. I will guide you through the making process and support you as much as possible. However, there are many reasons why pieces do not turn out as hoped or sometimes break in the kiln. These can be out of our control. The ultimate risk of failure lies therefore with you, although we do offer re-firings in case of glaze problems (where possible). 

  • Firing costs depend on the size of your piece and can range from £1 for a small ornament and £45 for a large piece that fills up the entire kiln. This price includes both, bisque and glaze firing.

  • All pieces need to be completely dry ("bone dry") before firing otherwise there is a risk they will break in the kiln.

  • Drying times vary with the general weather and range between 1 week in summer to up to 3 weeks in winter.



  • Traditional classes used to last 2 hours and I never really managed to finish a piece properly. Hence, I offer sessions lasting 2.5 hours for you to be creative and have fun playing with clay. 

  • Classes are for adults only (14 years and above) and children over 12 accompanied by an adult.

Collection of items:

  • Your pieces will be stored for up to 2 months, unless agreed otherwise.

  • After 2 months, we reserve the right to dispose of your items.

Food & Drink:

  • Mr Health and Mrs Safety are with us in the studio at all times, hence I do not allow any food to be consumed.

  • You can bring yourself a drink, but I ask that this is kept in a flask or a container that can be closed securely. 


  • In these uncertain times, I do offer refunds if you find yourself having to self-isolate.

  • Please understand that I am a small business and cannot offer refunds for cancelation on short notice. Cancellations need to be agreed at least 2 weeks in advance to give me a chance to fill your space.