Frequently Asked Questions

Menston Pottery is a small business located  in Menston. I offer friendly pottery classes for adults over 14.

Classes include weekly mixed ability pottery (term time only), as well as beginners classes on a monthly basis. 

Do you offer workshops and ad hoc events: Yes, please get in touch with me at

Do you offer parties? No, unfortunately my studio is not equipped for parties/ children. 

Do I need to book? Yes please. This is due to the pottery studio having limited space.

How can I book: Please get in touch with me at or call Nadine on 07515 719 237.

How can I pay: All fees are payable in advance. Details will be shared with you when you book. Vouchers accepted.

Do you offer gift vouchers? Yes, please contact me at or call Nadine on 07515 719 237.

Do you have disabled access? Unfortunately not. Although the entrance to the grounds is level, there is a step up into the building.

How many people will be in one class: The maximum number of students is 5, depending on the topic there might be less. 

When are you open: The pottery is not generally open to the public. Classes are held during the week and students are asked to book in advance. Occasionally, I open the studio for open days and sales from my @SolidagoCeramics brand. I will announce these on local noticeboards and social media. To hear about events, please follow @MenstonPottery on Instagram or Facebook. 

Where can I park? We have 2 off street parking spaces available and there is parking along Fairfax Road. 

Tell me more about term dates: Menston Pottery runs term time classes that are aligned with the Bradford District holiday calendar. Please see the City of Bradford website (school holidays) for more information as well as our Courses section.

How long do classes last? Individual sessions are scheduled to last 2.5 hours, workshops might run longer or shorter depending on the topic, this will be announced in the classes section when you book. 

Can I bring drink and food? Health and safety restrictions do not allow for any drink or food to be consumed in the pottery. You are welcome to bring a drink in a sealed bottle or flask though and drink it outside.


Why are firing costs not included in the course price: The cost of firing can vary hugely depending on the size of your piece. We believe it is much fairer to ask students to pay firing cost depending on the size of their work. Please note, that firing cost will be included in all beginners classes as we will working to a set agenda.

How much are firing costs? As a rough guide, a small bowl or mug would cost £2 for the bisque and glaze firing; a big piece that fills out the entire kiln would be near to £65 for both firings. 

How long does it take until I can glaze my piece?  Depending on the weather, it can take up to 2 weeks for your piece to fully dry (bone dry). It is only then that I it can be fired (otherwise we risk it exploding in the kiln). This first kiln firing is called bisque firing, it takes 12 hours and up to 3 days to cool down. Following this, your piece is ready to be glazed. 


When can I collect my finished piece? Once you glazed your work, its ready to be glaze fired. This firing can take up to 15 hours and another 3 days for the kiln to cool down.  We will notify you when its ready and keep individual pieces up to 2 months, unless agreed otherwise. 

Where can I find your terms and conditions?  Please click here.